Plant of the day: threecorner leek

Allium_triquetrum2Is this little bloom early or late? We’re at the time of the year when it can be hard to tell. Threecorner leek (Allium triquetrum, also known as white flowered onion) is a pretty little weed that can cover entire meadows in the spring. The nodding white blossoms have six pointed petals, each decorated with a single green vein, and usually grow in clusters at the end of a leafless stalk.  The fleshy stem is triangular in cross-section, giving rise to its name. The rest of its name comes from its mild garlicky flavor and smell.

The flowers, leaves and bulb of the threecorner leek are all edible–you can add the leaves and flowers to a salad or eat them along the trail. Older leaves and the small bulbs are best cooked.


Threecorner leek is native to Europe and Africa.

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  1. A very pretty little flower.

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