Botany challenge!!

OK, my dear plant-loving eco-geeks of the world: here is a special challenge for you. How many different species can you tell are present where this picture was taken, based on this photo?

What clues do you see?


(Hints: The picture was taken in Marin, and all the species are native. I’ve written about at least four of them in this blog, but–despite the title of botany challenge–they are not necessarily all plants).


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3 responses to “Botany challenge!!

  1. Marty Jacobsmeyer

    The bryophyte looks like a Polytrichum.

  2. Kaitlin

    Maybe 8 different species?
    2 lichen varieties (fruticose and squamulose?), a red piece of manaznita or madrone bark, pine needle, moss, bay leaf, oak leaf, a piece of bark from a conifer/redwood? do unidentifiable twigs count as 9?
    Sweet picture!

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