Flowers on vacation!

Flowers of Marin is going camping–we’ll be back with more blog posts for you next week. Meanwhile here are some photos of the gorgeous Monvero Dunes and the surrounding area for your enjoyment. The Monvero Dunes are a rare inland dune system, perched atop the hills of the western San Joaquin valley. The floral assemblage there (and in much of the San Joaquin) has more in common with the Mojave than with the Bay Area.

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This land is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, but because it is surrounded by private property it isn’t generally open to the public. I was lucky enough to visit it on a field trip the BLM hosted because it was a great wildflower year for the dunes (though not a great wildflower year in general). Enjoy!

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  1. what is that crazy purple flower? beautiful!

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